Born into a musical dynasty, Darius McCrary was destined to be exceptionally talented in musical arts. The eldest of three children born to Sharron and Howard McCrary, Darius was next in line to inherit these musical gifts as passed down through his father’s family of accomplished musicians and songbirds. Inherently, Darius is well versed in several instruments, including but not limited to, the piano, guitar, harmonica, and percussions––however, his most distinct instrument is, of course, his voice.

Darius’s father, Howard, is an award winning, Grammy nominated singer, songwriter, and composer in both gospel and secular music and together, with his brothers and sisters, made up the popular gospel group, The McCrarys. With a family history steeped in undeniable talent and accomplishments, and with a stellar reputation, Darius found himself privileged to grow up around and learn from many of music’s most accomplished artists such as Andre Crouche, The Jacksons, Rick James, Chaka Khan, The Winans, Leon Ware, Greg Phillinganes, George Clinton, Gary Schider, Ron “Kat” Spearman, Ricky Lawson, and countless others.

In 2009, Darius founded The D-List, a band which consists of five other highly skilled musicians, one of them being his brother, Donovan McCrary. Currently, Darius hosts intimate private parties at The Garter, located in Venice, California, where he and The D-List perform. In the interim, he continues to finalize his debut album tentatively entitled, The Dissertation of Darius McCrary by The D-List. With a release date yet to be announced, Darius works meticulously and without rest to ensure that his 360-deal is in place with a heavy tour and tv schedule. This, his introduction to the listening public, represents and honors the greats who have not only come before him, but have raised him, molding him and his talents.

Darius may be best known for his role as Eddie Winslow on the long-running television series “Family Matters”, and is now appearing as Malcolm Winters on “The Young and the Restless”.

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