Donovan is the strong creative influential role in many artist lives from, producing, to singing, rapping, and composing. There is no role that he can not  artfully fulfill.

At the age of seven, Donovan taught himself how to play Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.  Donovan has been able to develop a unique and intriguing style of music unlike any other.

Donovan has collaborated with talents as uniquely varied such as Darius McCrary, Charles Wright, Quincy Jones, George Clinton, Chaka Khan, Danny Boy, Howard McCrary, Jennie B., Frankie Finch, Yo Yo, Mad Lion, Dave Foreman, Aaron Hall, D.J. Quick, G One, and Kenny Olsen (of Kid Rock).  He has also achieved accolades for the project Peace Warrior through Watts records, which raised money through music for peace in his native home of Los Angeles.

An extremely gifted singer, producer, rapper, pianist, model, actor and bassist,  Donovan was born into one of music’s most respected musical families. As the son of a world famous musical arranger, singer, composer, and also highly ranked producer, Donovan’s innate abilities were refined from the start and began to amplify as he came into his own existence in the musical world embodying all the genres and inventive background that have framed his essence as an artist.

With origins wrapped so deeply around the core of music, it would be incompatible for Donovan to do anything else but create amazing sound. His music is never one dimensional, it is not common, yet it does have a hauntingly familiar feel to it. Donovan’s  music is layered in elements of positivity, boldness, structure, with a jolt of liveliness.

Whether he is in the studio, singing, rapping, writing, producing, playing the guitar, trumpet, bass, piano, keyboard, or even the drums (which he does all seeming ever so effortlessly), he is somehow always in tune with the needs and feelings of others through his universally given power of music.  Donovan has a considerable amount of musical wisdom that becomes stronger and more apparent with each day.

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