In a given generation, you may find a handful of artists who are as prolific and inspiring as they are talented. Going simply by his first name, Minh is such an artist. His eclectic catalog of music reflects an ever-evolving experiment with sounds and styles, fusing them with his pop sensibility and soulful delivery. Having opened for acts such as Erykah Badu, Minh is the rising star to watch. While his talent is undeniable, it is his sheer determination that should be aptly noted. “I’ve always been one to take my destiny into my own hands. No hands can be more passionate than my own”, says Minh, “So, in order to do that, I had to learn to do a lot of things at a competitive level on my own.”

Born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, he started writing poems by the age 9 and began writing songs by the age of 13. After immigrating to the U.S. from Vietnam, Minh penned a song that would be sung by his middle school’s choir during their annual Christmas concert. This and winning some talent competitions were tell-tale signs of what is to come.

Any potential was nearly destroyed when, in high school, he was caught up in a street gang and ended up selling drugs. After a bad drug deal took place, he had to stay off the streets to keep his own life. During this time, he was invited to church by a friend. Getting involved in church helped him turn his life around. The focus was put back on music when he joined the gospel choir and started an R&B gospel group with his friends for the remainder of his high school years.

When Minh began exploring a career in music, he performed at open mics while writing and producing music in his home project studio. This resulted in his first independent album, “Life. Love. Soul.”. The album caught the attention of Beyonce’s father and former manager, Matthew Knowles, who directed the head of A&R of his Music World Entertainment imprint to get in touch with Minh. However, being dissuaded from entering the music industry by a former mentor, Minh put off pursuing a music career all the while continuing to privately write and produce songs as a hobby.

In the summer of 2009, Minh decided to launch his career as an artist. In an experiment with blending electronic music with soul, he wrote and produced “Dreamgirl’s Heart”. Within a few months of its release in February 2010, Minh landed a film/tv licensing contract for that album with the LA-based company, Hella Good Records. “Dreamgirl’s Heart” served as a primer for his push into the industry. In October of the same year, he would release another album titled, “Layers”, which attracted more attention as well as received placements in media. The album incorporated a more dance-pop/R&B flavor. Still, Minh was only developing his sound and image through experimentation.

In March 2011, he released another album, “The Shape of You”. The album marked a shift in his sound, as he attempts to create music that is more timeless – incorporating a more “natural” sound, much less electronic, and experimenting with rock in his production. Prior to its official release, songs from the album were licensed for placements into films and tv by MTV music supervisor, Jon Ernst (The Hills, Laguna Beach, L.A. Ink, VH1′s Behind The Music).

On Black Friday (November 25) 2011, Minh premiered his first music video, “First Christmas”. The song and music video are steadily gaining popularity. With his career managed by E. Jay Mathews of TMC Entertainment, Minh is the artist to follow as he continues to make his mark in his own way. At the end of the day, his work will speak for itself.

Minh just released a brand new Christmas song. Check it out here.