In today’s world we are being bombarded with extreme artificiality and falsehood and not many people courageous enough to enjoin what is good and forbid what’s not. “UMAD strives to be the difference.” The illusion makers have been afforded inexhaustible resources, quintillions to mold minds, influence the masses, shape societies, calling them, beckoning them, enticing them to the extremes of their lower selves. We feel that it’s time we polarize a perception that’s hip, healthy, wholesome, contemporary and tangible for all men, woman, and children and our childrens’ children. With this being said, UMAD has arrived, creating a movement. Starting with one brand, one product, one concept that can, if you will, permeate through the human family so infectiously that it’s lifestyle becomes a culture that elevates multitudes into the high life, the ascent, the upper chamber of brotherly love and human connectivity.

UMAD has adopted a word from Hebrew called Tekanolon, which in it’s conceptual meaning is “Let us repair the Universe”. One World, One Humanity, One Human Family in concerted effort, to heal the historical grievances and the injustice caused by racism and ignorance. Let us embrace our differences and make them our strengths, achieve unity through diversity, polarize our similarities, and what a wonderful planet this will be for each and everybody — a global community in harmony.

UMAD the group was assembled to cooperate with the higher consciousness in bringing about positive change, and education in the form of the arts and entertainment for the purpose of making the truth as conceptualized more palatable, a medicine that’s sweet to the taste, yet the elixir for the sickness of the soul. For all humanity is but one soul. UMAD is a multicultural group of youthful activists with the fire to blaze the trail of change, inspired by necessity to create a better place to live, to learn, to love, and to share.

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